ICT departement

KaSNM like other high learning institutions, has a department of ICT. This department is in charge of all service related to computer technology. The school has an internet coverage (wired and wireless connection).
The School have two Computer Lab, one is for students’ purpose and its available from 7h30 am to 9h00 pm. Every students, lecturers and visitors with a specific permission can have access to this computer lab.
Computer lab II

The second one is for academic purpose, this is used especially for elearning students and other students may use it when the department judge it necessary or with the demand of their lecturers. This room has an equipment of Video conference and it is well equipped, with a capacity of 60 places.
Staff members, students or visitors have access to wireless connection, this wireless covers the entire School area so that every one with his/her laptop is able to connect his laptop. The wireless is protected for security issues.
The department works closely with elearning students who have to learn 60% of their studies online, using Moodle platform. This on the same manner for lecturers teaching in this program (elearning). The support on Moodle is done every time when needed by users.