Advanced Diploma in General Nursing

The aim of the program is to produce nurses who will apply critical thinking and analytical skills in delivering health care, and offering quality services in a professional manner. It will prepare competent nurses are responsible and accountable health professionals, working in partnership with patients and their families to give necessary support, care and advice during situations of illness or accident.

This care includes :
-  Preventive, measures, the promotion of health,
-  Detection of complications,
-  Accessing of medical care or other appropriate assistance,
-  Carrying out of emergency measures,
-  Health education and counseling with family and community.

This program has e-learning program, which uses online courses, and a regular mode.

Nursing students who successfully complete this program will be holders of A1 degree, and they will be equipped enough to practice safely, competently and effectively in community, health center and in general clinical area including maternity, pediatric, medical and surgical units by meeting national and international standards of nursing practice.

The requirements to be admitted

The requirements to be admitted to the program of advanced diploma in general nursing are the following :
-  Successful completion of secondary senor 6 in Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology or similar programme studies, with primary passes in Biology and chemistry and secondary passes in mathematics or physics. The applicant will have the minimum entry requirements for access to tertiary education in Rwanda as set by the Ministry of Education and Nursing and Midwifery Education as set by the National Council of Nurses and Midwives evidenced by valid documents according to the Rwandan National Examination Council.
-  The student must be active, honest, mature enough with a sense of responsibility
-  Nurses with advanced certificate for admission to level one
-  Competence or ability to study in English
-  Basic knowledge in computer : Microsoft office Word, Excel and Power point and Internet Explorer
-  Pass the entry exam